Spectrum Noir vs Copic

I see people asking which is better? Which alcohol marker should I purchase?

I’m relatively new to papercrafting. I first purchased a Cricut in 2016 and left it sit in the box for months. When I finally started using it, well, that is how all this began. I started buying stamps, and ink, and embellishments, and ribbon, and a big shot plus, and then dies, and more and more and more stuff,  and then I wanted alcohol markers.

I wanted Copics but didn’t want to spend the money when the Spectrum Noir were so much cheaper.


I purchased all 12 of the blending packs of six. I got a fantastic deal on them! Then I wanted more! So I purchased the 24 packs. Brights, Lights, Darks and Pastels. I have a total of 168 markers. They recently came out with a few more 24 packs but I didn’t purchase these nor did I purchase the new Illustrator makers that have the brush tip.

The SN’s that I have, have a bullet tip and a chisel tip. I did replace some of the chisel tips with a generic brush tip. It’s ok, but I actually prefer the bullet tip.

Copics. I still wanted them, even after purchasing 168 of the SN.

I bought a black one. Then I bought 2 neutral grey ones. As of right now I have the following Copic sketch markers.

E04 – Copic Sketch Color Fusion 3
B12 – Blending Trio 2
B14 – Blending Trio 2
B18 – Blending Trio 2
R56 – Copic Sketch Color Fusion 3
R59 – Copic Sketch Color Fusion 3

The Blending Trio set was purchased as a set of three (I used these in the example of the witches dress – keep reading for that). The CSCF are a set of three Fusion colors that also blend well. I have not used them yet. All the others I picked up as individual markers here and there, some with coupons at Joann’s or Michaels.

So now you have the history of my addiction, here are my opinions on both brands of markers.

Spectrum Noir:
1. Some of the Spectrum Noirs blend ok and some do not blend well at all. Keep reading for examples.
2. The colors on the ends of the markers are not the true colors. I made a color chart and I refer to that when I am choosing a color.
3. There aren’t many videos on SN if you need help choosing colors or to follow along with someone who’s already colored them for certain stamps you are wanting to color.
4. They are ok markers.

1. They are the best
2. They blend awesome (examples below).
3. They blend well with the Spectrum Noir.
4. The brush tip lets you get into the tiniest spots making it easier to stay in the lines (I still go out – hey no one is perfect!).
5. There are many many more colors. Not that you need all of them, but they are there if you want/need them.
6. Plenty of video’s of which colors to use that blend well with particular stamps.

Here are some examples of both. All examples were colored on Spectrum Noir Ultra Smooth Premium White Cardstock 100 lb. and cut out using the Brother Scan N Cut2.


pumpkinas you can see.. some of the SN’s blend easier/well and some don’t.

I made these SN blending colors: (Paper was regular 100 lb. white cardstock – Not the SN that I used in the examples above. I found the blending about the same with both cardstocks. The bleeding was worse on the examples below)

colorblendsskin blends

So there you have it, my opinion for what it’s worth!

I plan on adding more Copics to my collection. I won’t purchase ALL of them. I will just add them to my Spectum Noir collection. I’ll add the colors that I have of the SN’s that don’t blend well. Any questions, hit me up and I will try to Answer.

Oh and here are the Copics I plan on purchasing next! (Most are individual markers and some are sold in the blending and fusion 3 packs)

R12, R14, R17, R27, R29
RV000, RV00, RV02, RV10, RV17, RV21, RV52, RV55, RV63, RV66, RV69
Y00, Y02, Y06, Y08, Y13, Y18
YG01, YG05, YG09
YR15, YR20, YR23, YR27, YR68
G24, G28, G29, G40, G43, G46, G94, G99
B01, B04, B06, B37, B39
V01, V04, V06, V09, V20, V22, V25
E11, E25, E27, E29, E70, E74, E79, E95, E97, R99
BG10, BG13
Colorless Blender

Dickblick.com has the Copic sketch for $5.24 ea.
Amazon has the Copic Fusion and blending 3 pack sets for $15-$20 ea.
Oozak has the Copic sketch for $4.99 (you need to sign up and log in to get that price).
I have not ordered from anywhere but Amazon YET!

Happy crafting until next time!!




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